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lab 18 Remove the oops tag


Removing tag oops

The oops tag has served its purpose. Let’s remove it and allow the commits it referenced to be garbage collected.


git tag -d oops
git hist --all


$ git tag -d oops
Deleted tag 'oops' (was 2810b20)
$ git hist --all
* 7bf0bf1 2018-09-28 | Added a comment (HEAD -> master, tag: v1) [Jim Weirich]
* 9cf3f21 2018-09-28 | Added a default value (tag: v1-beta) [Jim Weirich]
* 94e1b8b 2018-09-28 | Using ARGV [Jim Weirich]
* f656098 2018-09-28 | First Commit [Jim Weirich]

The oops tag is no longer listed in the repository.